Let 410


Short Take-off and landing capability

With the L410/L420’s unique design, the aircraft can operate anywhere, needing just a few hundred meters of airstrip with a minimum strength of 6kg/sq. cm (85 Ib/sq.in).

Exceptional Value

With low acquisition costs and “up front” maintenance, the L410/L420’s operating costs and excellent dispatch reliability make it the most affordable and economical airplane in the category.

Durable, Reliable and Safe

Over 80% of all the L410 aircraft ever produced are still in service. It’s all metal airframe guarantees maximum life. Additionally, considerable rigidity and strength of the structure as well as high corrosion resistance and long component service lives ensure the highest level of operational reliability. For over 30 years the L410 has proven its exceptional quality and reliability.

Hot and High Capability

The L410/L420 is equally “at home” operating in the Sahara desert or the Siberian tundra. The aircraft has proven consistent and reliable service in an exceptionally wide range of temperatures and climate conditions , from dusty and dry African savannas to rainy Amazonian Forest and from sea level to “hot and high” mountainous destinations.

LET 410 Inflight


Incredible Comfort

The wide-body, oval cross-section fuselage with 17.9 cu m. (632 cu ft) of passenger cabin volume provides the highest standard of passenger comfort as well as maximum versatility and utilization of the aircraft for any number of applications and special missions.
Passengers luxuriate in comfortable seats occupying 76 cm (29.9 inches) of space during flight and enjoy all the comfort they usually expect in airline transport including wide aisle, ample headroom and capacious luggage separate from the seating area.

Standard Commuter

Standard commuter seating arrangement can comfortably accommodate 19 passengers. The modern interior design provides ample headroom and legroom with large windows in each row. Separate front and rear luggage compartments are available.


We are the largest




The 17.9 cu m (632 cu ft) of cabin cargo volume is ideally designed for air freight operations. Loading and unloading is made simple by the large cargo door sized 1.25 x 1.46 (4.1 x 4.8 ft). Various arrangements, including mixed (cargo/pax) variant are available.

Our primary flight desk considerations have always been safety, comfort and convenience. Therefore, the L410/L420 employs the state-of-the-art avionics systems in various configurations, including all common instrumentation.

    Options include:
  • High Frequency Transceiver (HF)
  • Autopilot
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
  • EFIS





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