The King Air 200 is a continuation of the Super King Air family, seating 9 passengers comfortably. This all metal low wing, twin engine turboprop plane, features retractable landing gear, the distinctive T- tail, more powerful engines, greater wing span, increased cabin pressurisation, greater fuel capacity and higher operating weights.

Some characteristics making this aircraft superior include:

  • Great performance in extreme conditions
  • Quiet Cabin
  • Extraordinary stability and control response
  • Easy to maneuver


Exceptional Value

Twin 850 horsepower Pratt and Whitney PT6A engines deliver increased power, reliable performance and low operating costs.


Due to the inertial separators preventing the engine inlet screens from choking with ice and preventing the engine from ingesting foreign objects on undeveloped runways, the aircraft is very versatile and can be used in extreme conditions. A strong undercarriage is well suited to dirt strips as well.

Trip Range, Max cruising speed and operating altitude

• The Normal range for the B200 is 3,495 Km with and extended range of 4,945KM
• Maximum cruising speed 378 kt/ 515 km/h
• Operating altitude 35,000ft /10, 668 m

B200 Aircraft


The Cabin is very versatile allowing you to configure this for your needs. The interior can be modified into an air-ambulance, or a spacious 9 seater passenger commuter. Alternatively the seating capacity can be reduced to accommodate extra storage space.

B200 Aircraft Cabin


The cockpit features all common instrumentation including:
  • Garmin GPS
  • TCAS 1
  • Auto Pilot
  • Weather Radar
  • Satellite Tracking
  • HF Radio
  • Automatic Direction Finder
B200 Kind Air Aircraft


B200 Performance Statistics
King Air B200 technical Diagram
The B200 is a high performance & versatile plane that offers great reliability and safety with low operating costs.

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