The Air-Tec Global Group is led by a unitary Board that is represented by committed, passionate and well experienced Directors. The Board is responsible to lead and control the Group and is collectively responsible for its strategy, long-term success, reputation and governance.

In order to assist the Board in carrying out its duties effectively, the Board has appointed Board Committees that provide specific expertise and specialist guidance on matters that affects the Groups activities.

The Board and the Board Committees operate within an established governance framework that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all senior governance positions.


The Board presently comprises of 7 members, including 2 independent non-executive Directors, 1 non-executive Director and 4 executive Directors.

The methods through which the Board exercises its powers and discharges its responsibilities are set out in the Board Charter.

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For each Committee, the roles and responsibilities are defined in a charter approved by the Board.

Audit and Risk Committee

This Committee assists the Board to ensure that the internal financial controls and risk management processes of the Group are effective.

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Remuneration Committee

This Committee assists the Board to ensure that the remuneration arrangements of the Group are fair, reasonable and in line with best market practices.

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Corporate Governance, Nominations and Ethics Committee

This Committee assists the Board to ensure that compliance with corporate governance principles are adhered to and an ethical culture within the Group is promoted. The Committee further nominates suitable Director candidates as and when required by the Board.

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Standards and Compliance Committee

This Committee assists the Board to ensure effectiveness of aviation and maintenance related processes, strategies and risk assessment.

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Code of Ethics and Policies

The Board has developed the Groups Code of Ethics as well as the supporting policies and ensures compliance with these documents.

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